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Monty King, President of OVDA

Monty King has been involved with the dealer industry since 1981, when he was hired by Auto Trader Magazine.  Earlier, he worked at the Oregon Legislature and ran political campaigns, graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Public Affairs in 1978 (while working at the Oregon Legislature)  He is a 3 time Viet Nam Veteran.

He was Executive Director of a different used car dealer association from 1997 until 2005, and has been President of OVDA and OPSA since January of 2005.  Monty has worked on more legislation for dealers than any other person, passing important legislation asked for by dealers.  He has more legislative experience than any other auto industry lobbyist, and the 2017 Legislature will be his 15th legislative session.

Darrell Fuller is a part-time lobbyist, and has extensive contacts in the legislative and agency branches of state government.