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Continuing Education

Each unit below contains 4 hrs of Continuing Education. Dealers are required to complete 12 hrs to renew a 3 year license (or in other words 4 hrs per year).

After you finish reading a 4 hr. unit print out or submit the corresponding completion form. A certificate will be mailed to you within 2 business days.

Members of OVDA and OPSA get 4 hrs per year at no extra charge per membership year.

Non-members pay only $25 per 4 hr. unit. You can pay by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below or call toll free to OVDA at 1-877-541-2277 or you can include your charge card information on the completion form and fax the form to 503-763-1233

2014 Online Reading and Questionaire
2015 Online Reading and Questionaire
2016 Online Reading and Questionaire
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Dealer’s Solution Magazine - Continuing Education Issue by Issue

Each issue is worth 40 minutes of CE, simply do the reading, do the completion quiz, send it in and OVDA will keep track of your minutes for both members and non-members! Non-members pay only when they want their certificate.

June 2013 Issue June 2013 Quiz
August 2013 Issue August 2013 Quiz
October 2013 Issue October 2013 Quiz
December 2013 Issue December 2013 Quiz
February 2014 Issue February 2014 Quiz
April 2014 Issue April 2014 Quiz
June 2014 Issue June 2014 Quiz
August 2014 Issue August 2014 Quiz
October 2014 Issue October 2014 Quiz
December 2014 Issue December 2014 Quiz
February 2015 Issue February 2015 Quiz
April 2015 Issue April 2015 Quiz
June 2015 Issue June 2015 Quiz
August 2015 Issue August 2015 Quiz
October 2015 Issue October 2015 Quiz
December 2015 Issue December 2015 Quiz
February 2016 Issue February 2016 Quiz
April 2016 Issue April 2016 Quiz